Open Realty Europe Customization Service

Web Design and Real Estate Customization

website templates are great while considering the time factor and budget. But often these templates do not fit into your requirements and customization remains the only solution. How would it feel if the customization happens to be flexible, economical and timely? Great! Isn't it? That's the precise kind of service we are trying to offer you.

All that you need to do is pick the template of your choice and let us customize your template for you. This service offers total design customization of your home page navigation, content display and some simple layout change according to your requirements.
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Adding Content to pages

People often don't find time to develop their web sites. Inspite of having good content they don't develop their web site because of this time constraint. If you are one among them then this is the perfect service for you. We will incorporate your content to the template you choose. And you don't have to make any effort to put your site online as we will do it for you.

This service includes content insertion of a web page, headers and buttons creation links incorporation and html/php page creation.

What do I do Now..

It is very simple to order this service, after choosing a template that you have viewed,

Just Contact Us and select Customization.